Fashions in the past have been heavily influenced by political and social upheavals

This has changed a lot but there are still many interesting trends that make us look up to.

The reason for this is that machines are able to learn from people’s conversations and can then think for themselves on how to suitably represent trends in clothing or fashion.

Fashion is a cultural phenomenon we can all get into. Fashion trends are changing, so style is changing as well. This change will continue and the fashion industry has become more lucrative due to the increase in technology, as well as in a better understanding of customer needs and wants. We also need to add that understanding of business trends more than ever before.

„Fashion’s high sophistication is at least partly caused by an increased focus on design and innovation”.

With the rise of the technology, Fashions and Fashion Trends are changing on a rapid pace.

Fashion is no longer just about looks, fashion shows have become an event for people to meet, mingle and also socialize with each other.