Fashion is a trend-driven industry. There are many factors that drive this industry.

To attract customers, fashion brands have to innovate and create new styles and designs. This is done by using the latest technology, tools and processes in the field of design, production, marketing and sales functions.

In the past, fashion was a very individualistic pursuit. It was mainly driven by the romance of making elegant outfits and traveling to exotic destinations. Nowadays, it’s no longer a hobby or a passion anymore. It has become an industry that is driven by the needs of fast-paced fashion industry players.

The rise of high fashion models such as Gigi Hadid is often explained by technological advancements such as AI and 3D modeling tools. These types of advances present an opportunity for designers to create provocative outfits that catch people’s attention, get people talking online and attract more brand influencers in return (Stuttaford). Fashion customers are now able to identify what type of outfit will look best on them through digital models, especially via AI models which can be used to represent different clothing styles.

Fashion is set on style, elegance, and beauty. Fashions are a way of life for many women and men around the world. They determine the line of their clothing in each season and make people look smart, stylish and attractive. The latest fashion trends come through technology such as social media platforms where you get to see it happening with real time information. This gives you an insight into what is trending at any given moment in time by reading what other people are wearing and sharing it on your social media profile .